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 International Order Of

The Knights Of Saint James

The International Order Of The Knights Of Saint James is a chivalric order available exclusively to individuals,

age 18 years old and older, male and female, that are declared and baptized Christians.

The Order is a Christian Organization and as such we reject all forms of racism as anti-Biblical and reject all forms of political hatred no matter from what end of the political spectrum it comes from. We firmly believe in the dignity and humanity of all people regardless of color creed, ethnicity or political persuasion. This does not mean we necessarily agree with them or their beliefs but as committed Christians we are convinced of the principles of free speech, lawful assemble and freedom of expression for all mankind without fear of persecution.

We aim to build a fraternity of like-minded Christians around a common enthusiasm for the inspirational heritage of the original Knights Templar. We seek to develop mutual comradeship and support and to turn our international fellowship into a living shield and sword for the defence of Christian communities and the upholding of Christian principles.

Membership is awarded upon application, consists of three ranks, and is irrespective of gender, race, or nationality.

The motto of our order is:

"Improvement of Self.

Charity to Others.

Compassion toward All."

The aims of our order are to achieve in the member, through the voluntary practice of our discipline, the following results:

  1. The building and improvement of Christian Character in the individual.
  2. The practice and promotion of charity to those we meet and have contact with.
  3. Demonstration of that compassion best exemplified by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to a lost and sinful world.

Our order consists of three ranks, which must be achieved in succession. For full details on each rank, the discipline relevant to each, and how you may join and participate in our order, contact the Knight Grand Commander with your request. Contact: Click here

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