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Church and Pastoral Services: *

Hebraic Christian services and 

observances are celebrated and can be arranged and scheduled.



     The Gathering with the Lord's Table

     Baptism Services

     Wedding Services *

     House/Home Blessings

     Blessing of the Sick

     Blessing of a Deceased

     Funeral Services

     Bereavement Support

     Pastoral Care Counseling

     Prayer Requests (Click Here)


Ministries and Other Services:

     Prison Ministry

     Institute for Biblical Studies

     Mindful Meditation Practice

     Veterans Outreach Ministry

     Vocation Preparation / Ordination

     Order of the Knights of Saint James

     Spiritual Healing and Recovery Ministry


Please Note:

*  Virtual service in English: Sundays at 11:00 am, in our in home chapel (coming soon).

*  Virtual service in Spanish: Sunday at 2:00 pm, in our in home chapel (coming soon).

*  Services available on Zoom and YouTube will be published so that everyone has the 

   opportunity to view and participate in the service from home and anywhere worldwide 

   (coming soon).

*  Weddings performed are arranged and scheduled according to your wishes and at the 

    location of your choice. Traditional weddings of Christian ceremonies are performed, 

    as well as non-denominational, custom interfaith union and civil ceremonies.

For Prayer Request Click Here

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